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The Forward Look

Forward Look was a design theme employed by Virgil Exner in styling the 1955 through 1961 Chrysler Corporation vehicles.

Chrysler vehicles were being fashioned by engineers instead of designers, and so were considered outmoded, unstylish designs. Exner fought to change this structuring, and got control over the design process, including the clay prototypes and the die models used to create production tooling.

Plymouth Belvedere convertibles were only produced from 1957 to 1959

Video of the Plymouth Arrival

What's the Power-Pak Package?

Original Power-Pak parts are indicated by an "A" at the end of the part number.

1. Special Distributor - Auto-Lite p/n IBP4003A
2. Special Four-barrel Carter WCFB Carburetor 385 CFM - Tag# 2530SA
3. Special intake manifold - Four-barrel Casting # 1619826
4. Larger air cleaner with a paper filter for the first time, previously were oil bath
5. Dual Exhaust for less back pressure
6. 235 HP (More horsepower)

2013 Maintenance

Revived not Restored...

MARCH 2013

  • 3/1/2013 Replaced the cam and solid lifters with 256/.435” (208@.050”) 112LC High Performance Poly Solid Cam (90-100lbs. seat pressure/260-270lbs. open valve spring pressure) Poly Solid Lifters.-Valves adjusted.
  • 3/9/2013 Installed Cloyes Street True Roller Speed Set Timing Chain (Original Style) with .025 Rollers.
  • 3/12/2013 Installed adapter plate and modern spin-on style oil filter.

JULY 2013

7/20/13 Pentastar Pride MoPar Car Show Salem Oregon - First place for convertibles.

7/21/13 Invation only 41st Annual Concours d'Elegance in Forest Grove Oregon - Second place in Chrysler products 1949 to 1959. Cars entered for judging must meet minimum point requirements to achieve awards in class. Third in class: 75 points. Second in class: 85 points. First in class: 92 points. This is a 100 point system. The judges had 31 years experience judging Chrysler products.

July 21, 2013 There were so many cars i decided to do a video with my DSLR Nikon D7000 camera. It was an honor being invited to this show and I have never seen more people photographing the 57 Plymouth.

7/27/13 Adjusted valves, replaced valve cover gaskets, installed a Fram spin on oil filter kit for Fram PH8A or PH43 oil filter and changed oil at 82790 miles. Added Schneider Racing Cams "Formula 3" EP engine conditioner to restore ZDDP levels in the oil.

7/28/13 Installed new air filter (Napa Gold 2040) and in-line fuel filter.


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