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The Forward Look

Forward Look was a design theme employed by Virgil Exner in styling the 1955 through 1961 Chrysler Corporation vehicles.

Chrysler vehicles were being fashioned by engineers instead of designers, and so were considered outmoded, unstylish designs. Exner fought to change this structuring, and got control over the design process, including the clay prototypes and the die models used to create production tooling.

Plymouth Belvedere convertibles were only produced from 1957 to 1959

Video of the Plymouth Arrival

What's the Power-Pak Package?

Original Power-Pak parts are indicated by an "A" at the end of the part number.

1. Special Distributor - Auto-Lite p/n IBP4003A
2. Special Four-barrel Carter WCFB Carburetor 385 CFM - Tag# 2530SA
3. Special intake manifold - Four-barrel Casting # 1619826
4. Larger air cleaner with a paper filter for the first time, previously were oil bath
5. Dual Exhaust for less back pressure
6. 235 HP (More horsepower)

Maintenance 2012

APRIL 2012

  • 4/21/12 Del Lewis Car Show Yuba City
  • 4/23/12 Radiator overflow tube was removed and cap mount was removed and turned around for the opposite direction so the hose would be shorter to attach to the new overflow tank.
  • 4/23/12 Installed new 12" electric 1000 CFM cooling fan in front of the radiator for better cooling and temperature control while cruising. The fan is 7 amps as the generator puts out almost nothing at idle. Switch installed under the dash board.
  • 4/26/12 Radio face plate back from the chrome shop. Pot metal is so hard to chrome with the pitting and makeup of the metal.
  • 4/28/12 Downtown Grass Valley Car Show

MAY 2012

  • 5/6/12 Newcastle Car Show
  • 5/1/12 Repaired issue with bad spark plug wire.
  • 5/12/12 Niles Spring Car Show in Fremont - won "Best Convertible"
  • 5/19/12 Maxwell Car Show
  • 5/23/12 Oil change and filter.I added Risolene to help with sticky lifters
  • 5/31/12 Replaced the front Trunion on the driveline, trying to cure vibration at 35mph - much better

JUNE 2012

  • 6/1/12 Replaced distributor cap and rotor
  • 6/8/12 Replaced dip stick from Big M in Williams
  • 6/2/12 Rods & Relics of Lincoln Car Show
  • 6/3/12 MoPar Alley Ohlone College Annual Car Show Fremont (Second Place)

MoPar Alley Second Place
June 3rd MoPar Alley Second Place

JULY 2012

  • 7/3/12 Overhaul Differential: Rear Axel differential Type: Semi Floating - Drive Gear Type: Hypoid - Ratio 3.54 with 8 3/4' ring gear. All bearings and seals replaced by Shawn at:
  • River City Differential
    11366 Amalgam Way #5
    Rancho Cordova CA
  • Shawn said the rear end had never been touched and in fact had the original leather seals on the axles. It was very clean inside and in his opinion the 80,000 miles on the speedometer was all the miles on this car.
  • 7/30/12 Balanced driveshaft


  • 8/3/12 Replaced spark plug wires with Petronix wires.
  • 8/4/12 Service vehicle, clean, wax and polish for Hot August Nights.

Wednesday August 8th was MoPar Judging day.
The judges came back twice to look at my car, then I found a flyer in my seat that said you are a winner be at the stage at 4:00 pm.
The Ultimate Car Competition first runner up for "Best of Show" also came with $100 cash.
What a HOOT!


  • 2/27/2012 Biltmore Car Show - won best of show.


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