1957 Plymouth Directory

The Forward Look

Forward Look was a design theme employed by Virgil Exner in styling the 1955 through 1961 Chrysler Corporation vehicles.

Chrysler vehicles were being fashioned by engineers instead of designers, and so were considered outmoded, unstylish designs. Exner fought to change this structuring, and got control over the design process, including the clay prototypes and the die models used to create production tooling.

Plymouth Belvedere convertibles were only produced from 1957 to 1959

Video of the Plymouth Arrival

What's the Power-Pak Package?

Original Power-Pak parts are indicated by an "A" at the end of the part number.

1. Special Distributor - Auto-Lite p/n IBP4003A
2. Special Four-barrel Carter WCFB Carburetor 385 CFM - Tag# 2530SA
3. Special intake manifold - Four-barrel Casting # 1619826
4. Larger air cleaner with a paper filter for the first time, previously were oil bath
5. Dual Exhaust for less back pressure
6. 235 HP (More horsepower)

About Ron Hilbert

10 year quest for a 57 Plymouth convertible

I bought a 1957 Plymouth convertible in 1962 because I couldn't afford a 57 Chevy Belair. It started a love affair that has lasted my lifetime. We used to put our surf boards in the back and go to Santa Cruz for the weekend. We would cruz back and forth and pick up girsl then didn't know what to do with them...

I would street race, go to drive in movie, A&W Root Beer and all on less than $10 for gas, movie tickets and food. Many fond memories of high school and college years were driving that 57 Plymouth. Even one of my friends said at my last high school reunion; "The best times of my life were in the back seat of your 57 Plymouth".

I found this Plymouth on eBay and visited it many times watching how the bidding was going. I called my high school buddy and we discussed it. My lovely wife said go ahead and buy it, and we did...

Ron HilbertRon has started 13 companies and all are still in business except two today. Ron's major in college was fine art and marketing. In 1964 he painted a series of paintings with IBM computers in them predicting the future of computer use. Ron is a veteran recreational educator since receiving his State of California teaching credential in 1979. He is a former owner of a whitewater raft company on the South Fork American River, a canoe and kayak shop (the largest paddling school in California for 13 years) and a mountain bike shop carrying quality high-end mountain bikes. Ron has been an executive officer of the American Canoe Association, an honored dealer for Old Town Canoe Company, a certified A.C.A. Paddling Instructor, and he was on the board of the Eppies Great Race (the oldest Triathalon in the world) for 13 years after taking first place in 1978. Ron has written articles and produced some of the first educational safety information on paddlesports. He has been involved in river conservation issues since the 1970's. His education in computers started in 1985 and telecommunications has been a special interest. He has continued his computer education at U.C. Davis. He has enjoyed many domestic and foreign trips doing Nordic skiing, backpacking, hiking, paddling and biking. Ron has been there through the evolution of canoes, kayaks, (ABS plastic, rotomolding and foam core-Kevlar/Carbonfiber) and mountain bikes (friction shifting to full suspension). Ron's recreational specialty is teaching water-fighting on raft trips. He says "If you are in my range, you're gonna get wet."

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